The brand new tour experience seems to be in it. Through many tour functions and introductions, the distance between customers can be shortened, so that customers can have a deeper understanding and interest in your corporate brand.

We offer fully customizable virtual tour company services, which include your branding, logos, hotspots, VR device,links to your website and more.Suitable for many business categories and environments. for example, real estate showrooms, museums, art galleries, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, etc., through the design and introduction of virtual tours, to fully express corporate culture and content





Why Choose Us

We have many years of experience in real estate and hotel panoramic photography in Cambodia, and also a Google Street View photography certification team, providing local services in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, providing Chinese and English language services,
Solve customer needs for sales and marketing.

我們擁有在柬埔寨多年的室內攝影經驗,同時也Google Street View 攝影認證團隊,在柬埔寨金邊在地服務,提供中英文語言服務,解決客戶對於銷售與行銷的需求.


Simple & Clean Interface

It’s not 1998 anymore. People don’t want a virtual tour with giant buttons, confusing menus and auto-playing music. Our hosting platforms are some of the cleanest virtual tours you’ll see. We avoid pop-ups and bulky sidebars so visitors can see the space clearly and easily.

Ability to Share & Embed

Just like with our Google Street View Virtual Tours, we make it simple to share or add your customized virtual tour to your site. These virtual tours are easily shareable with a link, or they can be embedded on any website with little setup.


Simple & Clean Interface

If you prefer to keep the virtual tour private instead of sharing publicly online, that’s no problem with our team at Cambodia 360 tours! Many of our custom virtual tour clients use this option when they don’t want their tour readily available until they’ve gathered some information first.

Our Specialty Industries


Whether your hotels have stunning interiors or are situated in an ideal location in your area, giving potential guests an online peek at what awaits them is key to piquing their interest. 


When your restaurants' dishes look too good to eat when plated or your dining room got a new makeover, you need a high-quality, professionally made virtual tour to showcase it all to your guests. 


Your apartment community offers beautiful open floorplans, resort-style amenities and other competitive features. To stay competitive, showcasing it all online isn't an option - it's a necessity.


Did you know that 62% of visitors favor listings that feature photos of store interiors when consid ering their options? In retail, your products are the lifeline of your business - that's why it's essential to feature them front and center.